11 January 2018

On 11th December, ONEPIP Singapore welcomed undergraduate students from the University of Sydney Business School, when they came to Singapore for a 2-week immersion program named the “New Colombo Plan”. The New Colombo Plan is a signature Australian government initiative to develop Australian students’ understanding of the Asia-Pacific region.

During the students’ visit, they learned about entrepreneurship and the Singapore FinTech industry, from ONEPIP’s perspective as one of the pioneers in the region. There was a lot of interest shown by the students as they gained knowledge, insights and practical advice. The feedback from the session was overwhelming. “The students definitely learnt much from the session, and you've sparked their inquisitive minds. Felix's comment on the 'business of trust' certainly stood out in their minds”, said Dr. Jeaney Yip, University of Sydney’s New Colombo Plan Program Leader.

“We are proud of our association with one of the leading business schools in the region. It was beneficial for ONEPIP to be able to interact with young and inquisitive minds too. We wish them all the best in their future endeavours, which we hope will include starting ventures of their own, be it in the FinTech or other industries.” responded ONEPIP’s Executive Director, Felix Tan, who represented ONEPIP during the student visit.