19 May 2014

ONEPIP Group announced today (May 19) that it has launched ONEPIPnet, an online foreign exchange and money transfer platform for business, in Hong Kong. The launch is the first in Asia for the product.

ONEPIPnet offers competitive wholesale foreign exchange rates and settlement for major currencies and market segment-specific functionalities, which meet the requirements of businesses at various stages of their corporate development.

Executive Director and CEO of ONEPIP Group, Mr Lee En Hui said, “Hong Kong is one of the leading financial centres of the world, not only as a result of the strict implementation of its financial regulations but also because of its active promotion of entrepreneurial innovation. This is a truly unique quality amongst financial centres in the world.

“Furthermore, Hong Kong is the gateway to the fastest growing region in Asia. Through ONEPIP Hong Kong, ONEPIP intends to grow its business in Greater China and across the entire North Asia region. And as ONEPIP grows, it is envisioned that ONEPIP in Hong Kong will serve as the regional headquarters for the ONEPIP Group’s North Asian operations.”

The Associate Director-General of Investment Promotion, Mr Charles Ng, said he was happy to see ONEPIP choose Hong Kong for its debut product launch and added, “Hong Kong is renowned for its free flow of information and capital, advanced financial infrastructure and effective regulatory regime. It’s an ideal place for overseas companies such as ONEPIP to launch their products and gain access to both Mainland China and Asian markets.”

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